Here we will create a new site author, editor, publisher or administrator.

  1. Login to the administrator backend
  2. Navigate to > Users > User Manager > Add New User
  3. Add the users name
  4. Add the users login name (you can use their email address if desired)
  5. Leave the password fields blank if you want them to receive a random password (they can change this to something of their own once logged in)
  6. Type in their email address (this must be a correct and valid email address)
  7. Click the 'Assigned User Groups' tab
  8. Select the desired administration level such as 'Author', 'Editor', 'Publisher' or 'Administrator'
  9. Click the 'Basic Settings' tab and select JCE Editor (if not present then select TinyMCE)
  10. Click 'Save & Close'

The user will now be emailed their login credentials including random password which they can change once logged in.


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